Today’s wide and ever-changing range of contact lenses provides an option for just about everyone, even if you have been unsuccessful in the past.

Give it a go, you will enjoy the freedom!

Our practice has a passion for contact lenses with many happy and successful wearers. We will even fit those that others turn away such as multifocal contact lenses and contact lenses for therapeutic purposes eg. Keratoconus. You’ll never know if you are suitable unless you ask us.

Before being fitted with contact lenses we will perform a comprehensive examination to assess the health of your eyes, take a topographical scan of the surface of your eye and then discuss the different options available to you. You may wish to take advantage of our ‘Free contact lens test drive’ before you decide to proceed. We deal with all the leading contact lens suppliers so we can match the most appropriate contact lens for you.

Once you decide to go ahead, the optometrist will teach you how to insert and remove your contact lenses and how to care for them. You will be monitored regularly to ensure your eyes remain healthy and that the contact lenses you are wearing are still the best for you.

Buying contact lenses from us is a good way to avoid potential health risks deriving from defective lenses and ‘copy’ lenses that may affect eye health.

Purchase your contact lenses by ringing us on 9457 5457 or you can order your disposable contact lenses online.

You can have them delivered directly to your home, office or you can choose to pick them up in-store.

Contact Lens Types


Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses are available in many materials and designs.    Have you astigmatism or require multifocals? Yes, there are options now available.

Daily disposable These are single use lenses that are thrown out after the days wear and a new pair is worn on the next occasion.

Daily Care lenses These can be either fortnightly or monthly replacement lenses depending on the material and design. They require daily removal and disinfecting.

Extended wear contact lenses These contact lenses can be worn continuously for up to a month. They are ideal for busy lifestyles and for those seeking clear vision when first waking in the morning.


Custom Made Contact Lenses

In some cases, such as very high prescriptions or uncommon eye shapes, disposable lenses are not appropriate, we may need to consider custom-made lenses whether they be Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses (hard) or soft contact lenses.