Farewell and New additions to the Warringal family.

After 22 years of exceptional service and contribution to Warringal Optometrists, we bid farewell to the wonderful Eleanor in the first half of 2022. Eleanor is looking forward to spending more time with her family and young grandchildren. We wish her the very best, a relaxing and fun filled retirement. Eleanor, congratulations on your fantastic … Continued

Introducing our newest Optometrist, Zenia K Jaitley

Zenia joined us in October 2021 and has received a warm reception from both our team and patients alike. Hailing originally from New Zealand, where she graduated in Optometry Honours with a therapeutic endorsement, Zenia has almost a decade of experience in the industry. She enjoys providing high quality, customized eyecare and loves that working … Continued

Anti-Reflective Coatings – not all made the same

An anti-reflective coating is a treatment that is applied to the surface of a lens in order to reduce or eliminate the glare that would traditionally reflect off the lens. This allows more light to pass though the lenses to your eye, giving you sharper vision. Without the extra reflections in the way, your glasses … Continued